09 November 2010

ART Basel - ART Tour

Wir freuen uns Sie einladen zu dürfen Kunst auf eine ganz besondere Art zu erfahren und an der Art Studio Tour in Miami teilzunehmen, wo Sie die Möglichkeit haben Künstler kennenzulernen, die an der berühmten Kunstmesse Art Basel Miami Beach teilnehmen.

Wenn Sie gerne Künstler in der privaten Atmosphäre ihrer Ateliers zu treffen und kennen zu lernen, KONTAKTIEREN Sie uns!


Natalia Margiotta


ART Basel - ART Tour

Estamos muy orgullosos de invitarlos a participar de la experiencia del Art StudioTour en Miami, los artistas que visitamos forman parte del art show Art Basel Miami Beach. Los esperamos a quienes estén interesados en conocerlos y adquirir obras en la intimidad de sus estudios.


Natalia Margiotta


ART Basel -ART Tour

We are very proud to invite you to experience the Art tour in Miami, the artists who we visit are exhibiting in the prestigious art show Art Basel Miami Beach. If you are interested in meeting the artist in their own studio, to get to know them closer and buy their works don't hesitate to contact us!!!


Natalia Margiotta

18 October 2010


Aharon Gluska is one of the great artists who opens his doors for the Artists' Atelier Tour. The in Israel born artist studied at the Avni Institute of Fine Arts (Israel) as well as at the Academie Des Beaux Arts (Paris/France) and lives and works now in New York.

Take a look and see what you awaits in his studio:

29 September 2010

Un tour por el arte

"La tendencia de conocer el trabajo de pintores, escultores y fotógrafos, y a los propios artistas, crece en Buenos Aires con recorridos por diversos ateliers. Van extranjeros, pero también locales. Y cada vez más aumenta la venta de obras de arte por ese circuito." (fuente: Pagina12 online, 26.09.2010)

You want to read more? Here you find the whole article:

21 September 2010

Thanks for the feedback!

We always appreciate feedback about our tour....and of course are more than happy to read one like this....

It was a pure delight to meet you and spend time together during my recent visit to Buenos Aires. You have created an incredible experience for the traveler and the artist. It brings an outsider into the heart of creative space and studio life for an exchange like no other I have found. The ease and comfort in speaking with Andres and absorbing his work was sensational.
I took a full tour of your website and find it informative and the navigation easy. It is enticing and professional. Well done! I was perusing with an eye to suggestions to strengthen, but honestly could not find any flaws. I have a couple of websites in mind where I can post a blurb about my visit. I'll let you know if they are accepted and posted.

Let's stay in touch,

09 September 2010

ART for every age

With the Art Studio Tour we try to bridge the gap between the artist and the audience and offer visitors an insider’s look at contemporary art. So the sometimes "heart to understand art" becomes even for children clear and comprehensible.

At the Art Studio Tour (no matter at which age) everybody enjoys art in it's most personal and exclusive way.

The Art Studio Tour is relished likewise by young and elderly which demonstrate these pictures:

Andres Waissman with his probably youngest fan.