21 September 2010

Thanks for the feedback!

We always appreciate feedback about our tour....and of course are more than happy to read one like this....

It was a pure delight to meet you and spend time together during my recent visit to Buenos Aires. You have created an incredible experience for the traveler and the artist. It brings an outsider into the heart of creative space and studio life for an exchange like no other I have found. The ease and comfort in speaking with Andres and absorbing his work was sensational.
I took a full tour of your website and find it informative and the navigation easy. It is enticing and professional. Well done! I was perusing with an eye to suggestions to strengthen, but honestly could not find any flaws. I have a couple of websites in mind where I can post a blurb about my visit. I'll let you know if they are accepted and posted.

Let's stay in touch,

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