19 September 2008

Artists' Atelier Tour Director meets with New York team

In August, our director and founder Natalia Margiotta travelled to New York City to meet with the New york team, scout for new artists, make new alliances and run the August Summer Concierge Tour.
Our trip to New York City in August was very energizing. We had the chance to meet with lots of organizations and great people—like John and Jane from BWAC in their fabulous space in Brooklyn who introduced us to work from the enormous number of artists they have and whose pieces have very accessible prices. It is a project that I am very excited about recommending to our clients and friends. You can’t miss out on the chance to go to BWAC. We have initiated a new relationship to represent some of their artists as well as present our own South American artists represented by Galeria 5006 & Artists Atelier Tour in their 500 square meter riverfront space with a view of the Statue of Liberty.
It was also John who took us to see some of his own work and introduce us to fellow Brooklyn artists and friends in their home and workspaces just a couple of blocks from BWAC. We loved their work but above all we found them to be beautiful human beings . . . what we look for the most. And all this in Brooklyn.
DUMBO Arts Center was another place we had the opportunity to meet with someone on the local scene. The center’s director met with us in the neighborhood coffee shop to talk about presenting a curator’s project for the work from some of our artists.
Another artist we met—back in Manhattan—was Gary Tenenbaum. We were able to meet him on the tour and we visited him again in September on the studio vists. We are thrilled to be working with Gary!
We missed artist Gerald Forster on this visit to New York City but thanks to his beautiful terrace garden—our photograph below doesn’t do it justice—my stay was wonderful. We also had a chance to visit Stephen Talasnik, who took some time to let us visit him in his workspace where he was preparing for two big shows.
We met Alan from the Elizabeth Street Gallery with some of the most amazing enormous antiques ever seen as well as a palace with a baroque garden, a true oasis in Soho.
We visited the Opera Gallery’s Soho space and met in the private viewing room—where you can see some incredible Duchamp pieces as well as other pieces from other artists of the last century. As part of an alliance between Galeria 5006 and Opera, we will begin to represent the work of artists Ron English & Colin Christian.

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